Palermo FREE Walking Tour

Don’t waste your time with your nose in a dry guidebook, enhance your Palermo Experience with a FREE Walking Tour held by Local Guides who knows Palermo as only locals do, and will be pleased to highlight your Palermo Experience. In our experience, people on the free tours are more fun and more interested. We welcome anyone from any age who likes to join us on these intriguing (2 hours) English language Walking Tours.

The Free Walking Tour is held by Local Guides who works for tips only. They know Palermo as only locals do, and will be pleased to highlight your Palermo Experience. For the Guides ths is a job and not an internship or city program. You have probably done your research and you know how much City Tours cost, we therefore believe in giving YOU the choice to decide what the Tour was worth.

Also note that: A % of your donation will be devolved to our favorite local charity.

The Palermo FREE Walking Tours are offered:

MONDAY to SATURDAY (rain or shine) for (2 hours) by RESERVATION ONLY. 

It's NOT a Guaranteed Tour and available only after being CONFIRMED by us through email, few days or within 24 hours prior to the service.

Meeting Points:
at 9 am | Meet opposite the main entrance of Palermo Cruise Port (on the corner under the big FARMACY sign).

at 11 am | Meet at the Four Corners (Quattro Canti), the intersection of Via Maqueda with Corso Vittorio Emanuele.


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